Released Records founder Tony Green: Four top tips to make your pop-up a hit

Our latest guest post has been penned by Tony Green, label manager at Released Records, the business operates as a a pop-up shop at Leeds’ popular Corn Exchange retail space.

Despite the rise of e-commerce, pop-up shops are still proving popular with both customers and businesses alike, with pop-up shops often offering less risk to brands, while providing a face-to-face platform to introduce your products or services to consumers. It’s not really surprising at all, when you factor in the huge rewards that can reaped from a physical presence; including brand awareness, feedback and insights, as well as bottom line benefits. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.

Here are Tony’s four top tips to other businesses who are thinking of setting up a pop-up store:

1. Stock items you cannot find anywhere else in your city, town or village. Offer something unique to your customers that they cannot necessarily find anywhere else on the high-street.

2. Provide knowledge and personalised services that customers cannot find online. Offer an in-store experience that cannot be replicated online; be innovative, original and approachable.

3. Promote your pop-up well before it is unveiled, using social media, e-newsletters and other marketing mediums will be useful in driving traffic to your pop-up store. It’s crucial to plan this well in advance and give yourself plenty of time to let your target audiences know about your presence.

4. Identify the location in which your ideal customers can be found. Ensure you do your research to find where your ideal customers are hanging out. Don’t be obsessed with having your pop-up in a high footfall area, although it’s great to have lots of passers-by, it is just as important that those people are likely to be interested in your products or services.

Tony Green

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Adam Warner