Balcony Staircases

Our balcony staircases at Leeds Corn Exchange have recently undergone a transformation. Following extensive building renovations the staircases have now become a platform for artists to showcase their work.

Currently they are home to a design from artist Alice Smith depicting fashion through the ages. Learn more about the artist on here website

The photographs in the gallery were taken by Leeds student Joe O’Shea.

A bit about Joe

'Using my 35mm film camera I aim to capture the strange and familiar habits of human life. Photography has always been a way for me to communicate with my community and document the unique interactions I have with people on the streets. I first got into photography by taking pictures of my friends practicing parkour and freerunning when I was a teenager which has played an influence to my photographic style and especially my obsession with the urban landscape. Other than street photography I often collaborate with local musicians and DJs, producing music videos and photographing events. At the moment I’m volunteering for the Leeds based charity MAP, they do excellent work for the young people of Leeds and have also influenced me and help me grow as a local artist.' 

Adam Warner