A New Art Installation at the Corn Exchange

Artists 2.jpg

Having recently acquired consent for lighting up the Corn Exchange’s famous dome, we will be celebrating creative advancement with a specifically designed art installation in the main visitor entrance lobby space.

The art installation, made up of a combination of bespoke lighting design paired with suitable sounds, will be installed in the Corn Exchange in time for Light Night.


The artwork, called “The Course of Days”, was created by Output Arts — a partnership between artist Andy D'Cruz and artist/technologist Jonathan Hogg, who create immersive audiovisual installations that draw on natural environmental conditions and phenomena. “The Course of Days” applies cutting-edge digital technology to explore the changing seasons and the rhythms of passing time.

The piece uses gathered field recordings spanning the year and combines these with a palette of animated light and colour to reflect the dynamism of the British weather, the clamour of the animal kingdom and the pulse of rural human activity.

Light is a major theme as part of the building’s refurbishment and creative vision. This new piece is an important contribution to the building, exploring key elements that make the Corn Exchange a uniquely historical and creative cultural space.

“The Course of Days” will be in place for 1-2 years; the piece has been commissioned by Rushbond with the assistance of arts advisor Kerry Harker.

Jennifer Lee O'Brien