Tenant Profile: Jae Macpherson, Giant Kitten


What do you do here at the Corn Exchange?

I work part time at Giant Kitten. My other job is acting so if I'm not being eaten alive in a horror film it's nice to come and spend my day in the Corn Exchange!

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

My mum and dad have been working in retail in Leeds since the eighties. They started off selling vinyl on Leeds Market and now we all work as a family at our shop Giant Kitten. We are a completely independent store which is quite unusual these days. We're really proud we have stayed popular for such a long time and we have lots of customers who have become our friends over the years. We travel to Japan and the USA to source products which is amazing for me - I'm a big fan of Japanese anime and I've helped to influence the stock we choose so I get really involved. It's nice to work in a creative atmosphere where you can have some input.

What is your history with the building?

My parents first opened a shop here ten years ago and I've grown up around the shop so I have spent a lot of time in the Corn Exchange. It's a stunning building - it never loses that wow factor when you walk in. There's a real feel of community which you don't get in other shopping centres.

What is your favourite thing about working at the Corn Exchange?

I get to meet loads of creative and interesting people every day because our shop attracts arty, quirky people. We are constantly developing the shop so it's fun taking delivery of exciting stuff.

Tell us about your best day out in Leeds. Where do you go? What do you do? 

I love gaming so I spend a lot of time in Trade Me In rummaging through the games. My favourite restaurant is Little Tokyo. Our family also hang out at places like Slung Low in Holbeck and 7Arts in Chapel Allerton where we go to watch plays, comedy and films. The Fenton does great Improv and Stand-Up nights too.

Where can we follow you online? 

Website: www.giant-kitten.com

Twitter twitter.com/giantkittenshop

Facebook facebook.com/giantkitten

Instagram instagram.com/giant.kitten

Heather Hall