Tenant Profile: Anne Roper, Simcha Gallery


What do you do here at the Corn Exchange?

Together with my Son, Stephen, we run Simcha Gallery, on the balcony.

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Still a 1960's free spirit. I make individual clothing accessories, mixed media art and cards, with a love for texture and colour. In the 60's, campaigning around the UK in the earliest CND battlebus, a passionate Anti-Apartheid supporter, but also a hard grafting single mum, a Londoner selling my work to Liberty and Selfridges, on Portabello Road, and at (the original) Camden Lock market.

What is your history with the building?

I was utterly amazed by the vibrancy of the Corn Exchange when we briefly had a craft stall here in 2000. Then we returned three years ago when the oppurtunity arose to establish our business here. We were drawn by the sense that it is an up and coming venue again. That it offered a unique opportunity in the region, for an independant artistic business. We were right.

What is your favourite thing about working at the Corn Exchange?

To step out from our shop onto the balcony at twilight, and see the vast space of the Corn Exchange roof twinkling with little lights, like the night sky. It's a wonderful sight and best seen from the balcony.

Tell us about your best day out in Leeds. Where do you go? What do you do? 

Touring the (many) lovely city centre cafe's sampling their hot chocolates. I'm a chocoholic, and like Stephen, end up at Waterstones for hot chocolate and a good read.

Where can we follow you online? 

Website: www.simchagallery.co.uk

Facebook: facebook.com/simchagallery/ for stories behind our work.

Instagram: instagram.com/simchagallery/ for lovely images of all that we make.


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