A New Chapter​​​​​​​


The Corn Exchange has always been a sight to see. The dome was designed from dreams of Paris by Cuthbert Brodrick; an architect from Hull who, years before, had designed Leeds Town Hall. It first opened its doors one day in July, 1863.

For more than hundred years, the Corn Exchange has been a home to corn traders, and clothes makers; conversations over tea and coffee about all things, big and small, and the kind of nights that dissolve into morning. It has been a home for countless new beginnings like first dances, fresh styles; a place where new businesses are born, dreams are designed and food is enjoyed. The Corn Exchange will continue to be all these things, and more; its next chapter begins, now.

Corn Ex logo Colour.png

The Corn Exchange has a brand new logo, that has been designed with its history in mind. The plan was to rediscover and repurposed much-loved elements of the building. The typography was inspired by an iconic signpost that reads ‘To The Balcony’. It was crafted with an angular, bevelled look that can be adapted in a variety of styles, whether monochromatic or colour, playful or serious; this reflects the transformative, independent nature of the space, as well as it’s diverse tenants.


During 2018, the lower ground level of the Corn Exchange will become the home of a new eating and gathering space called the Kitchen Yard, with a focus on independent food offerings. The Yard is also a public space for visitors to eat, drink, work, dream and share; it is central to the vision for the Corn Exchange’s evolution and at the heart of the revival of Kirkgate.

If you are a trader and would like to know information about the Yard, please head here.



Stacey Hicken