A Steampunk Christmas at Leeds Corn Exchange


Decorators worked overnight installing our new steampunk-themed Christmas tree. The 20-foot high tree is dressed with 35 handcrafted top hats, 50 metres of faux copper piping, 250 baubles and over a dozen curated items including cogs, gears, photo frames and clocks.


Our balconies have also been decorated with 150 metres of customised garland. Fitting to the steampunk aesthetic, many of the display features are upcycled products or vintage items selected from second-hand markets.

”The steampunk theme started out as a bit of a side project,” says Wendy Clarkson, Managing Director at Fizzco Projects — the company responsible for decorating this year.

“As a dedicated Christmas decoration company, we’re always keeping an eye out for new trends and looking for fresh inspiration for our decoration themes. When we visited the steampunk festival this year, it gave us the idea for the theme, and as soon as we mentioned it to Adam and his team they thought it would complement the unique character and tenant profile of the Corn Exchange.”


Adam Warner, Centre Manager at Leeds Corn Exchange says: “Having had a traditional gold theme at the Corn Exchange for the past three years, we wanted to do something totally different this year and create a standout display to attract shoppers in the run up to Christmas.

”While steampunk may not be what people traditionally associate with Christmas, the display fits perfectly with the impressive architecture of the building and fits in with the creative and independent approach to its retail offering,” he adds. “You won’t see another display like it anywhere across the UK, and the feedback we’ve received from tenants, customers and on social media has been extremely positive.”


Wendy adds: “To capture the steampunk vibe, we spent the summer scouring markets and shops for random one-off items, while a dedicated team have been busy handcrafting bespoke pieces. The whole team has been really excited by this project. Most of the displays we design feature colours and elements traditionally associated with Christmas, so it’s been great to be given the opportunity to really push the boundaries with this display, create something totally different and give Christmas a refreshing, radical look.”


The decorations are now available to view, and will be with us throughout the festive period.

If you take photographs of our tree, we’d love to see them! You can tag us using the hashtag #cornxmas.

Come in to shop, eat and celebrate.

Jennifer Lee O'Brien