Tenant Profile: Michele Williams, Proms & Pearls


Whats your name and what do you do here at the Corn Exchange?

My name is Michele Williams, and with Cathy I sell fabulous prom dresses and ball gowns at Precious Proms & Pearls, upstairs in the Corn Exchange.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Having relocated from Saltaire, this is our 6th year in the business.

What is your history with the building?

We opened the shop only 14 months ago, so not long!

What is your favourite thing about working at the Corn Exchange?

It's such a beautiful building which is a pleasure to work in, with both retailers and customers. A real mix of people in and out all the time.

Tell us about your best day out in Leeds. Where do you go? What do you do?

Every day in Leeds is the best day - there is so much choice of restaurants, and after work we do enjoy The Alchemist and The Botanist they have such good food and atmosphere. Great for letting your hair down!

Where can we follow you online?

Facebook, Instagram, and at www.promsandpearls.co.uk

Miz DeShannon